Engineering Workshops

Woodworking + Electronics Engineering Workshop: Making manufacturing cool!

Why do people love engineering? The very fundamental answer is: because building things is awesome. It’s not about being good at math and sciences wearing a lab coat struggling among white boards and calculators. It is about creating, inventing, building, and of course having a lot of fun.

In the 21st century engineering world is overwhelmed with powerful software, intelligent robots and automated equipment. For a student in Engineering School learning those skills becomes a necessity, however he might never get a chance to learn how to use a saw or a drill to fix his own chair. Modeling structures in the software and 3D printing them is great, but would you be able to build one from scratch given all the materials?

This workshop is intended to get young people excited about engineering, design and manufacturing. Project-oriented, it will offer students basic tool training in woodworking and opportunities to create unique products with their own hands. Furthermore, students will explore electronics and learn how to assemble simple circuits to produce different outputs. With no prior experience and coding skills, they will learn how to turn a few pieces of wood into something functional.