High School Workshops

WeSTEM Holds many workshops for high school girls to encourage women participation in STEM in Abu Dhabi.

Think Science High School Workshops

The series of workshops aims to provide high school students with the tools necessary to better develop, manage and communicate scientific projects on a national, regional and an international level. Based on past experience, we have come to a number of topics we would like to address through these workshops: ideation, research, documentation, presentation, communication, coordination, and networking. These skills are not specific to the STEM field, yet they can be a determining factor between a merely good and a memorable, worthwhile project. The majority of the workshops’ time will be dedicated to hands on activities, where students will be asked to fulfill prompts that aim to put in use one or more of the skills highlighted earlier, and that work towards the completion of a longer term prompt.


A generation of students in the UAE with the passion, motivation and tools to carry through more innovative, more meaningful and better developed scientific research.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide the tools for ambitious students with the passion in STEM that will enable them to build stronger science and engineering projects to compete on an national, regional and an international level.

Target Audience

We’re providing these workshops for high school students with a passion in STEM and experience with scientific projects. Our focus is on students aiming to participate in science fairs in the upcoming year.


Office of secondary education Think Science team Think Science mentors/teachers Admissions office – outreach to students through them Solar Decathlon NYUAD Team WeSTEM

Workshops Timeline

The series will spread across 4 or 5 weeks, and a workshop of one to two hours will be offered every week. We are looking to hold these workshops on weekends as to accommodate students who live in emirates besides Abu Dhabi. The workshops will likely be hosted on Saturday afternoons on Saadiyat Campus.

Week 1: Ideation

Week 2: Presentation and Documentation

Week 3: Communication and Management

Week 4: Networking and Presentation

Week 5: Field Trip & Final Presentations (competition)

Detailed Timeline

Week 1: Ideation

Introductions – Get to know each other Play and discuss scene from The Founder (related to the trial and error aspect of the design process generally, and ideation specifically) Ideation activity with a twist Introduce prompts – Problem (maybe potential/existing solutions as well) In teams come up with ideas about how you would solve these problems Add a twist to the prompt mid-way through the session and challenge the teams to adapt to it Weekly challenge: Make a list of five existing problems. Consider past attempted solutions, their strong and weak points and what you could do to improve on these solutions.

Research - Keeping track of resources - part of documentation

Week 2: Presentation and Documentation

A short presentation about documentation and keeping a logbook - connect it to the ideation activity from previous week Activity in developing a story and presenting it Following Week 1’s prompts, present project proposals Weekly challenge: Pick one problem from the previous week and come up with three solutions. Think through the advantages and challenges associated with every solution.

Mid-way presentation

Week 3: Communication and Management

Teamwork activity where every member has to work individually Build on Week 2’s proposals to divide the tasks amongst team members, and work on them individually Activity where teams critique one another’s solutions Weekly challenge: Make a list of potential supporters, and consider what questions or concerns you would approach them with. Reach out to a few of them and document your interaction.

Week 4: Networking and Presentation

Introducing the idea of a bus pitch, adaptive and flexible Final presentations Prepare and give a presentation to each of the team’s final solutions Networking tips followed by a networking event (figure out with tWeSTEM)

Mahmoud - Just a food for thought, how about if we make this in some sort of competition? Like nothing big deal of a prize but u know usually people push themselves when they compete against each other. Hayat - Mahmoud, I like that. Perhaps we can think through what the criteria of the competition would be and who will be the judge. Perhaps we can have one last day of final presentations and invite Professors to judge. The whole workshop could be leading up to this point. I think it’s also a good way of ensuring we have something solid to show as evidence of the work we/the students have done

Resources for building activities

http://toolbox.hyperisland.com/ http://projectofhow.com/methods/